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Place and Date of Birth: Minsk (Belarus), 05/04/1974

Home Address v. Lecce - 71041 Carapelle (FG), Italy

Social Security Number: MRVLNA74D45Z139O

Partita IVA: 03387260718

Tel. +39 347 5530656, +39 320 3147841

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July 1997 – Degree (BA) with honours in Foreign Languages (English and Italian) at Minsk State Linguistic University, Belarus.


· 1995-1997 part-time RUSSIAN-ITALIAN, ITALIAN-RUSSIAN interpreter and translator at the charity organization "Independent Children's Aid",   Minsk, Belarus

· 1997-1998 part-time RUSSIAN-ITALIAN, ITALIAN-RUSSIAN, ENGLISH-RUSSIAN translator of general texts for Minsk Linguistic University, Belarus

· 1998-1999 Interpreter/secretary at import/export office of the Italian Representation "COMINVEST", Minsk, Byelorussia, whose head office is in Alessandria, Italy

· English teacher at Inlingua School in Foggia, Italy

· 1999-2001 part-time freelance translator of technical, legal, commercial and general texts for different translation agencies

· 2002 Translation of the book "MUSICA NAPOLI" and guide-book "ITINERARI PICENI", economy guide-book "Veneto Economia e...", guide-book "Benessere Salute Veneto".

·2001-present full time ENGLISH-RUSSIAN, ITALIAN-RUSSIAN, RUSSIAN-ITALIAN freelance translator of technical, legal, commercial e general texts, web sites. Among my clients are translation agencies, direct clients and academic institutions

·2001-present Court interpreter/translator, Foggia, Italy


Software programs: Word 2003, Excel 2003, Power Point 2003, Outlook, Explorer, Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Professional, WinZip, Front Page 2003, Frame Maker 7.0, Wordfast, Page Maker

Operating systems: Windows XP, Office 2003



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·        ABBYY Lingvo 11.0 (Italian-Russian-Italian)

·       ABBYY Lingvo 11.0 (English-Rushian-English)

·        Multilex Italian-Russian, Russian-Italian 4.0

·        Multilex English-Russian, Russian-English, 2002

·        Pocket Oxford Dictionary, 2002

·       Garzanti Hazon English, 2005



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